Sabtu, 03 September 2011

Read This

I got this 'Words' from Tumblr. I posted it because it is so me and ........

"I'm afraid that:

  • If you see me all the time, you'll get sick of me.
  • If you talk to me all the time, you'll run out of things you say.
  • If we do the same things all the time, you'll get bored of us.
  • If I'm too nice to you, you'll take advantage of me.
  • If I'm too near to you, you'll drift away from me.
  • If someone else gets your attention, you'll ignore me.
  • If you meet somebody new, you'll leave me."

And so, I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid if it obviously comin to you. I know I'm bad, I know I'm childish, I know I'm (maybe) not your perfect typical but...........ya. I know you can take the right conclusion of it. I follow all the things that you did to me. I'll give the same paid as you. Amor

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